Subota 21. oktobar 2017.
Piše: Miloš Živanović

Strange to meet your mother


a. - I am very confused today.

b. - You’re confused? Me too.

a. - Yes? Today, I am all confused.

b. - Yes, I’m confused, today… and yesterday.

a. - …Confused. Do you like poetry?

b. - Poetry… What kind of poetry? Like, songs?

------------- Otkad glavu promolih iz majke.

------------- Very strange mother, my mother.


a. - Yes, I like Walt Whitman very much.

b. - Walt Whitman?

a. - Yes, Walt Whitman. Very good, Leaves of Glass.

b. - …Hm, Walt Whitman.

--------------- Otkad glavu promolih… bring me champagne, bring me reefer.

--------------- Yes, now I make a window on the wall.


a. - Ah... What are you drinking... coffee?

b. - Coffee. Yes.

a. - Nery good for me, coffee. For you?

b. - I love coffee.

-------------Otkad glavu… Shiny shiny… Shiny boots of leather.

-------------Yes, shiny things. Now we look at the window, because it is on the wall.


a. - You love it too, coffee?

b. - I Love it.

a. - What do you do?

b. - Oh, you know, I just relax, sit around, maybe have a cigarette, some poetry.

a. - Ah… One more cup of coffee for the road.

b. - Walt Whitman?


a. - I drink Kurdish coffee. And you?

b. - I… yes, I drink coffee.

a. - I drink Kurdish coffee and I am sad.

b. - I’m sad too.

a. - It is a sad and beautiful world.

b. - Yes, sad. Walt Whitman?

----------- Otkad glavu promolih… Venus in furs.

----------- I am lucky to even be here.


a. - Coffee is good for health, yeah?

b. - I don't know, you think you drink too much of it?

a. - Do you smoke?

b. - Only when I drink... coffee.

------------- Otkad glavu promolih iz majke.

------------- I have lost my Book of English.


a. - Do you know my mother?

b. - Do I know your mother?

a. - Yes.

b. - I don't know…

a. - Yes. It’s all right, ma, I’m only sighing.

b. - You need Kurdish coffee.

-------------- Otkad glavu promolih… I look inside myself and see my heart is black.

-------------- Do you like Robert Frost? He was a very cynical man.


b. - Can you hear me?

a. - What? The man on the radio won’t leave me alone.

b. - Can you hear me? It's very loud over here.

a. - Yes, good… What? I don’t hear when it is bombing.

b. - What happened to you?

a. - Leaves of Glass and Kurdish coffee.


b. - You having trouble hearing me? Maybe we should switch.

a. - Yes, thank you very much. I'd like to switch. …

b. - I kinda liked it better over there.

a. - Yes, me too. I prefer, yes… Not enough room to swing a cat. …

b. - You are a good egg.

a. - I am free… very free.

--------------- Otkad glavu promolih… I’m switching.

--------------- A road less travelled, by Bob Frost.


a. - When do you leave?

b. - Leave? Belgrade? Don’t know, I don’t have documents.

a. - You go with your mother?

b. - …Do you know my mother?

a. - It’s all right, ma.

b. - Now I’m sad.

----------------- Otkad glavu promolih… Under the boardwalk down by the sea.

----------------- And why don’t you take a flying fuck?


b. - I drink a lot of coffee before I go to sleep. So I can dream faster.

a. - Yes, thank you, I don’t understand nothing.

b. - Dream after dream after dream after dream. People ask me the next day, what did you dream about? I say, I don't have time. I don't have time to tell you this.

a. - Nery Good. Very Fast. Like poetry. Do you smoke?

b. - Well, no, I don’t smoke when I dream.


a. - Yes, don’t smoke when dream… What do you do in dream?

b. - I had to dream only one dream but really fast, because some mad men were running after me.

a. - And, how big the alligators are here?

b. - You know, usual size, monsters.

a. - Yes, if you want to leave, you must run, me to. Nightmare. Confusing.

b. - Yes, it’s a nightmare, and you have to be fast. No time for coffee.

a. - I leave my mother, no coffee, run fast, no poetry. Mother don’t run.

b. - No, mothers don’t run.

----------------- Otkad glavu promolih… dissident.


a. - Ah, thank you dissident, thank you very much, I don’t understand nothing. My guitar wants to kill your mamma.

b. - It’s all right, ma, I can make it.

a. - Don’t forget to write.

b. - Wish you were here.

------------------ Otkad glavu promolih… Kosovo.

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